Artist from the soul and trainer by vocation, Daniela Sukaczer was born in 1966 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. As an adult, she moved to Tigre, a town somehow apart from the city, whose river and exuberant nature have awakened all her senses and have encouraged Daniela to devote herself professionally to Art, which she has been enjoying since childhood. Having graduated as a Psychopedagogist specialized in Entrepreneurial Training, Daniela has been able to fully exercise her two professions in her various roles both as a Regional Manager in a multinational company and also as a Plastic Artist. Such distinct realities from different worlds have let her collect experiences, interact widely with different cultures, travel and assiduously visit art museums and galleries; and have also largely contributed -along with formal education- to her artistic development. Daniela has studied formally in national and international Art schools and artists workshops and also, and more informally, in the way artists used to do in times past, by travelling and exploring museums, galleries, exhibitions, fairs and biennials; interacting with other artists and reading and studying the Greatest Masters of painting. "On each new journey I take I explore and reinvent my work; and in doing so I end up reinventing myself".

Exhibitions / Awards / Contests

  • 2007: Exhibition Hall of the Nordelta Shopping Center
  • 2009: Exhibition in room 'El árbol', San Isidro
  • 2009/2010: Room 'Estímulo de Bellas Artes', CABA. -2009: Exhibition at the 'Marcelo T. de Alvear' Foundation, Tigre
  • 2010: Exhibition in 'Vialidad Nacional' show , CABA
  • 2011: Exhibition in 'Bahias de Nordelta'
  • 2012: Work selected in the Allianz Painting Contest, -Selected work for the Tigre Council Art Exhibition; -2012: Exhibition at the Allianz Art Space, Nordelta Foundation Auction.
  • 2013: Selected work in 'Salón Mitra' small format, -2013: II Summer Salon SAAP; Mention Winter show Galerias Braque; Exhibition Galleries Braque; Exhibition in 'A Puertas Abiertas', Tigre
  • 2014: Exhibition 'Paseos de la Bahía' in Nordelta, Live Painting, 'Paseos de la Bahía' in Nordelta; exhibition at 'Casa de la Cultura' Council of San Isidro
  • 2015: Group exhibition as a member of Transforma group at Casasur Art Hotel, CABA
  • 2015: Collective exhibition at 'Juana de Arte' Gallery, Martínez, Buenos Aires
  • 2015: Exhibition in Nordelta Art Studio gallery, Nordelta, Buenos Aires
  • 2015/2016: Selected work to exhibit at Lamroth Solidarity Art Contest
  • 2017: Exhibition in Rómulo Raggio Museum (ExpoArte)
  • 2017 - October: Work selected and exhibited at Lamroth Art Contest
  • 2017 - November: Collective Exhibition in Mosaik gallery. Buenos Aires
  • 2018 - January: “Premonitions” Individual exhibition at the Nordelta Art Studio Gallery. Buenos Aires
  • 2018: Collective exhibition in the German Club Gallery
  • 2018 - June: Collective exhibition Rómulo Raggio Museum (Artvilo Contest)
  • 2018 - June: Group exhibition at the MIRA Fair, Art Festival. Borges Cultural Center
  • 2018 - July: The Sudestada painting won the North Light Book contest to be part of Acrylic works 6, the best of acrylic painting, which will be published in 2019
  • 2018 - August: Group exhibition at Art & Design Gallery. Miami Florida
  • 2018 - 2018- Nov-Dec. Artisan exhibition. Key Biscayne. Miami. Florida
  • 2018 - Dec: Group exhibition Mosaik Gallery. Buenos Aires
  • 2019 - Jan: Collective Exhibition Punta del Este Resort & Spa Hotel. Punta del Este. Uruguay
  • 2019 - Feb: Exhibition at Zenith Art & Fashion Gallery. Miami. Florida
  • 2019 - Mar/Apr: collective Exhibition Nordelta Art Studio Gallery. Buenos Aires. Argentina
  • 2019 - May: exhibition La Rural for Six o clock tea
  • 2019 - May: exhibition La Rural for Six o clock tea
  • 2019 - Jun: Romulo Raggio Museum exhibition ( second prize winner)

Critic of Andrea De Luigi, Plastic artist in charge of Clinic and Critical Work, July 2018, The Essentials Series

"The inner image explodes and is viscerally expressed in the fabric. In the beginning it is the spot, spontaneous and wild, and so the game begins. On it, the superposition of images, the sandblasting, the visual textures, the vibrant and harmonious color. The search is to capture the essence of a place sought and found. The place where the artist abandons herself and loses herself. The river, raw nature, the tangled vegetation, the pier stimulate your sensitivity. Daniela Sukaczer does not contemplate the work, but submerges in it and inhabits it. With intensity, the spectator is led into a world of dualities: structure and chaos, lights and shadows, noise and silence. The work moves between the abstract spot and the representative structure. Daniela Sukaczer is expressive force, vital energy, and most importantly: creative joy ..."
— Andrea De Luigi

Critic and curator individual exhibition: Premonitions, December 2017

"Almost a dream-oniric, where internal and external worlds are mixed, where the figure and the form invite to reveal La Mancha ... a stain that transparent reveals senses, meanings and signifiers. The work of artist DANIELA SUKACZER invites you to travel in strange, real and imaginary landscapes that today lead your way. Oil has always accompanied her and, together with acrylics and collage, she has made her incessant discovery of colors, superpositions, stencils, stickers, stamps and unthinkable objects. The Delta of Tigre is the protagonist in many of her works, a place dreamed by her and today lived for creation as a strong law of attraction. Self-taught, trained with teachers like Juan Astica, Amalia Montangero, Silvia Flichman. In USA, NY, mixed media workshops with Ronnie Landfield and Mariano del Rosario. In the UK she studied intuitive painting with Chris Gilman-Cartwaith. Clinics with Fabiana Barreda and Andrea De Luigi. Today Nordelta Art Studio welcomes again Daniela as a consecrated artist, where her works go through homes, use galleries, studios and worlds, where prizes and mentions that honor her life stand out."
— Viví Julliand

Intuitive painting course West Dean College, United Kindom
May 2015

Latest Works